At KindFolk we choose to be kind - not just to the environment but also to our community. We are deeply committed to running our business in a socially responsible way.

KindFolk's goal is to provide much needed funding for vulnerable children living in Emergency Accommodation and Direct Provision in Cork

We all want our children to have as happy and carefree a childhood as possible, full of fun and free from grown up worries. We are making it our mission to support the most vulnerable children in society, to give them a helping hand as they navigate the difficult path of living in Emergency Accommodation and Direct Provision. We believe children shouldn't have to spend their childhood surviving the challenges life throws at them, they should have the space and time to thrive - to grow, to be curious, to learn, to have fun and to make happy memories.

Our aim is to raise funds for a range of activities which will help improve the quality of life for children living in challenging conditions. Activities to include music & art therapy, after school clubs, sports & dance lessons, summer camps and birthday celebrations. 

We will work closely with the residents and management of Emergency Accommodation and Direct Provision centres to ensure children will benefit directly from all funds raised. 

Kindfolk Ireland CLG trading as KindFolk is a Social Enterprise, bound by its constitution to donate a percentage of its profits to children’s causes and charities. KindFolk’s goal is to commit 33% of its yearly net profits to children’s causes, with the remaining net profits being used to further develop KindFolk as a long-term, sustainable social enterprise. KindFolk ensures full transparency on where and how funds will be donated.