Thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about KindFolk. 

We are excited to establish KindFolk as a new online space where parents can shop for childrenswear in a sustainable and meaningful way. As busy parents you can sit back and relax while we source and curate a beautiful selection of high quality preloved & past season clothes, so you don't have to!

As parents we have all had that sinking feeling when we realise our children have quickly outgrown some of their lovely clothes after only a few wears. Buying preloved and past season is an eco conscious way of shopping our little ones’ wardrobe - we are saving the environment from textile waste by lengthening the lifespan of clothes that already exist (while saving some money along the way!)

The fashion industry is the world's fourth highest polluting industry with widespread reports of unethical workplace conditions for garment workers in many parts of the world. Although many of the solutions lie with the big players in the fashion industry, we can all play our part as consumers to help tackle this problem.  

At the heart of our business, behind the rails stacked with loveliness, is the KindFolk Social Mission - our commitment as a social enterprise to share our profits with vulnerable children in our community.

We all want our children to have as happy and carefree a childhood as possible, full of fun and free from grown up worries. We are making it our mission to support the most vulnerable children in society, to give them a helping hand as they navigate the difficult path of living in Emergency Accommodation and Direct Provision. We believe children shouldn't have to spend their childhood surviving the challenges life throws at them, they should have the space and time to thrive - to grow, to be curious, to learn, to have fun and to make happy memories.

Thank you for following us on our journey!
Orla O'Connell

KindFolk Owner & Mum-of-Two